Thursday, September 13

4 essentials for a sublime morning

Mornings are great.  Even I, the girl who never sleeps, adore mornings. Early ones, endless ones after sleepless nights, cozy ones after long sleep-ins, dark, chilly ones in winter and hazy humid ones in spring. I love all of ‘em. I tend to lay awake at night and every once in a while I decide to get up at six in the morning to watch the sun rise. To stroll around my quiet city. To breathe the misty morning air. I’ll bake something nice for breakfast or head to the coffee shop around the corner for a croissant and coffee and jam. There’s something about these mornings that I can’t quite put to words. It’s a warm type of feeling, comforting, still. I love listening to some jazz and just dance around the living room- immersed in the soft tunes of love songs. I love the way the world turns orange in summer- and also how it stays greyish blue in winter. I love when the world sleeps and I can finally inhale. Exhale. Breathe. 

Now - don’t get me wrong. Most of the time I despise my alarm clock and I’ve spent my fair share of mornings in bed, grumpy, waiting for the early hours to pass, but as a reminder for myself and you I thought I’d share all the things I love about mornings. The nice ones. The mindful ones. The warm, cozy ones. Perhaps you’ll hate your alarm clock just a little less tomorrow morning. Even if it’s just a tiny bit. 

wakey wakey, sublime sunrise

Sublime Sunrise is a new radio show hosted by Sander de Heer (lovely voice- very important). Sublime is probably my favourite radio station in general (my mum and I always used sing along to some funky tunes during road trips and in the living room over spontaneous early breakfasts), though I especially love listening early in the morning. There’s nothing quite as nice as starting your day dancing to some jazz and funk while my cup of coffee is brewing. In short: all the good stuff. I catch up with the news and have a nice, comforting voice keeping me company as I slowly wake up.

Sublime Sunrise is on air every workday between 7 and 9 AM - you can stream on, listen in the car on your way to work (90.7 FM) or download the mobile app (iOS or Android). Go wild - dance like no one's watching :)

a to-die-for breakfast recipe

vegan pumpkin brownies
overnight oats
cashew frosted pumpkin loaf

I dove into the archives of my blog and found a few breakfast bowls and vegan treats that almost made me drool all over my laptop. Roll up your sleeves and create some yummy magic. No better way to start the day than dancing around the kitchen, licking spoons of pumpkin brownie batter or cashew maple frosting. 

…with a warm drink to go with it

homemade yogi chai tea

Chai is always a good idea. (Have a shot of apple cider vinegar before sipping your chai tea for extra health points).

get comfy

Don’t forget to wear your favourite oversized t-shirt, joggers and kimono to ensure ultimate comfy-ness. I love stuff that fits about three Laura’s and is soft and silky. Big jumpers in winter and airy gowns or t-shirts in summer. Float around like the true prince(ss) you are- and never underestimate the value of comfy loungewear.

this post was sponsored by sublime

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  1. zo mooi vastgelegd! hopelijk morgenochtend iets minder last van m'n wekker!