Sunday, June 1


Holy moly, time flies.... It's june already! I have been expanding my blog quite a bit last month: several social media accounts with the name 'Lauresque' were born and I found out how much I love updating y'all through things like instagram! (If you're not following me yet; you can find my instagram HERE). Today I'm sharing all the pictures I posted last month with y'all. Enjoy!

1. Hot chocolate and a book while in the waiting room for my doctorsappointment (everything went fine btw)
2. Lovely flowers in our garden; happiness in its floral form!
3. A little throwback to THIS outfitpost. I'll never forget that lovely blue house; it was enchantingly beautiful.
4. I went to Urban Outfitters (again) and couldn't stop myself taking pictures of their interior.
5. Naomi and I went shopping and when I saw this window I kind of felt like taking a picture because of the sunlight and the shadows and those lovely curtains, haha.

1. Selfiesaturday! Naomi and I were shooting for an outfitpost and decided to post a little sneak peek.
2. Pancakesunday! Banana pancakes drowned in maple syrup, yum!
3. This picture was also published on the blaawg (THIS article).
4. When I'm going to friends or another part of Amsterdam, I usually go by ferry. The weather was so lovely and I thought this little skyline of Amsterdam looked really cool!
5. Me and my mom went to see Canto Ostinato in this little church.

1. The venue of the concert was absolutely perfect and th atmosphere was lovely. Probably one of the coolest classical music concerts I've ever been to.
2. Amsterdam.
3. Chilling on the roof of the building where I had an appointment. Sunny weather. Lovely flowers. Perfect.
4. A picture referring to THIS blogpost.
5. A picture referring to THIS outfitpost.

1. I wrote a dramatic loveletter to summer. I want him to come back. My life is cold and miserable without him. Also, how cute are these pineapples?!
2. & 3. I found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Pull & Bear: THANK YOU!

1. My brother and I went shopping and then decided to get some froyo and woah it was amah-zing.
2. 'Wallflower' (aka me)
3. Yesterday we decided to get some pizzaaaaaaa. I had to wait for like an hour because it was so crowded and there were so many orders, but when I finally got my pizza I knew it had been worth it (:

What were your highlights of the past month?


P.S. I'll start writing in Dutch tomorrow! I hope you're all okay with that.. XO


  1. Leuke foto's, je boyfriend jeans is super tof! :)

    1. thaaaanks (: ik had 'm vandaag aan, en ergens vond ik het bestwel eng, haha.
      toch iets gewaagder dan ik gewend ben..


  2. Mooie foto's <3 En frozen yoghurt is zo lekker, al helemaal met dit heerlijke weer!

    1. Jaaa, inderdaad! Ik vind 't ook zo leuk dat je het tappen en de toppings erop doen helemaal zelf mag doen, haha (: Liefs!