Saturday, May 31


I've been trying to figure out a way of blogging that works for me lately. And I'm slowly getting there. The only thing is, I'm still asking too much of myself. That might sound a bit weird, since I'm not publishing thát much. But yeah, as you might have noticed I'm not quite the average teenage girl. I hate admitting those things, it feels like failure, but I have to be honest with myself. And since I'm quite exposing myself on here and being all open and getting straight into it with y'all, I'll have to be honest on here too. I don't want to be 'that girl who is always complaining', so I'll try not to sound like a girl who's always complaining.

Thing is: I struggle with quite some things and that's quite exhausting. I love blogging though, and it's what keeps me going, so I'm not planning on stopping anywhere in the near future. Yet it's not always easy for me and since I kind of constantly feel like I'm about to collapse because of all the pressure that's on me it can be quite impossible to get everthing done (in time) and like..... sleep and/or feel relaxed at the same time (it's 2 AM while I'm writing this: not healthy, not good, not nice).

So. To make it yet anothor tiny bit easier for me to keep this blog alive I'm going back to writing in Dutch. I LOVE writing in English, I believe it's a really good way to develop my English writing skills and I'm probably going to miss it like crazy, but it's quite a challenge too. So for now I'll keep doing what I love, but in the most comfortable and easy going way.

I hope you're all okay with that!



  1. Ahh, in Engels schrijven is leuk! Maar als in het Nederlands beter is voor je moet je dat vooral doen! Goede keuze! ;)

    1. Lief en fijn dat je het begrijpt (: Ik wil mezelf heel graag blijven uitdagen, maar ik wil ook door kunnen gaan. Als ik het daarvoor nog iets rustiger aan moet gaan doen heb ik dat er wel voor over. Thanks <3


  2. Ik vind het gewoon een prima keuze hoor! :) Succes daarmee.