Thursday, May 8


Okay, let's be honest: my blog has been kind of chaotic lately. I suddenly started writing in English, I did a seven-day-project which I totally underrated, this lead to me staying up until 2 AM trying to finish my articles in time (in which I failed), my articles were patchy and I wasn't in any way satisfied with the articles I published. So yeah, something definitely needs to change. And I guess that's me.

Life has been kind of rough lately. I'm not trying to make up excuses or anything, it's just the way it is and I'm not going to avoid mentioning it anymore. I'm struggling. And I'm trying to stay positive and I wan't to keep going, keep my head up and face the world. But I'm just overloading myself, it's too much. So I'm afraid I'll have to take a step back. I'll have to set achievable goals instead of asking too much of myself. And above all: I have to start enjoying the things I like. I'm insecure. Way too insecure. I always know to find a way to bring down my own work and by doing that I ruin my self-esteem and I demotivate myself. I won't get better by telling myself I can't do anything. But it's a habit. A bad habit I need to break.

And I will break it.

I'm not going to publish articles every day anymore. I need to tell myself that one article every other day is okay (I hope it is?). So yeah, that's my plan. I hope that's okay with you all. Maybe this is something good. A step in the right direction. It's for the best. Quality over quantity.

I love you, and even though it may seem like I'm not, I actually still AM enjoying writing and working on my blog. My mind has just been a little fuzzy lately, but I'm working on it. Soon everything will be normal again. Thank you for reading and commenting my blogposts, it means the world to me. You make my day, every day.

I'm not really this dramatic and sentimental, I can be kind of fun (...I guess?). I just had to let it out.



  1. Hmm, herkenbaar, de onzekerheid. Een stapje terugnemen kan heel goed zijn! Keep your head up!

  2. Dankjewel, en best fijn om te weten dat ik niet de enige ben. We are not alone!


  3. Net zoals Laura zei, een stapje terugnemen is helemaal niet bad. Als je er niet geraakt om elke dag een artikel te posten hoeft dat ook helemaal niet! Ik ben benieuwd naar wat er in de toekomst nog komt, van blogposts. Keep up the good work! Liefs, Eline x

    1. Dankjewel lieve Eline. Ik vind het heel fijn dat het zo positief wordt ontvangen!
      Ik heb wel het gevoel dat het al beter gaat, dit geeft wel rust.
      (btw, ik ben zó dol op jouw blog, haha)