Wednesday, May 7


Since monday was my last free day before I had to go to school again, I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy my last free minutes as much as possible. So me and my mother went out and had a lot of fun. I thought it'd be fun to take some pictures throughout the day, so I did, and today I am sharing them with you. So yeah, here's a day in the life of..... me!

Even though I had lots of plans that day I slept in and woke up around 11 AM (some extra sleep was necessary). I had breakfast and after that I decided to read a little and check out my favourite blogs: a perfect way to start the day.

Around 1:30 PM we decided to go out for lunch and we went to the city. We passed by Central Station and I had to take some pictures. I kind of like to pretend I'm a tourist, taking pictures and getting myself some starbucks (ordering in English). It's fun, haha.

We had lunch at Bagels & Beans. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun while devouring our bagel (HOLY CRAP THOSE WERE GOOD). I had an oathie bagel with smoked chicken, avocado, basil dressing and pine nuts along with a carrot juice with ginger and fresh orange juice and wow. It was amazing. (Oh and their garden was super cute and there were these flowers and everything was bright colored and I liked it so much yay).

After lunch my mom and I went to some bookshops and we had coffee somewhere. After that my mom got tired and went home. I stayed in the city and went shopping (and got myself some frozen yoghurt which was reaaallllyyyy goooooood).

I took some more pictures on my way hom (there was this creepy statue in the middle of Dam square and it had huge blinking eyes). 

Back home I enjoyed the last bits of sun, I cuddled with my kittens and eventually went to bed early and watched a Disney movie (I fell asleep halfway through). It was a good day. 

But yeah, school has started again.... Enough said.

What's your favourite Disney movie?


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