Saturday, May 10


Hi there! It's quite late, so I don't think a lot of you will be reading this, but it's quite important so I thought I'd still post this. I've been thinking about my blog and me and everything a lot lately, and a few days ago I came to the conclusion something had to change. Changing yourself isn't that easy though, so I thought 'why not start with my blog'. So I started brainstorming and planning and designing which resulted in everything new and everything different. I'm terrified and insecure and asdfghjkl but I decided to push through this time and not give a f*ck about other peoples opinion. So yeah, I'm changing my layout AND URL (!!!) this evening and by tomorrowmorning I will no longer be named Lettresdelalune. I'm starting over. Clean. Fresh. New. So yeah, if you don't recognise my blog tomorrow: that's right. It changed. My new url/name will be Lauresque. I'm doing an article on this very soon, so stay tuned and let me know what you think of my new layout and header when it's up. Second thing I wanted to let y'all know isn't that spectacular: I'll be selling a lot of my clothes tomorrow at the IJhallen. So if you live in (or near to) Amsterdam you could stop by/buy something.

Looooots of love,