Friday, May 2


Hi there! It looks like I've got a DIY for y'all today: I wanted to make my own version of these To-Go Jars from Urban Outfitters because I've been obsessing over them for quite some time now. They are extremely expensive though, and since I don't have that much money I thought 'why not make my own budgetproof version?'. It's really easy and my jar looks super cute!

You'll need:
1. A simple jar. Shape and size of your own choice (I bought mine at a local supermarket for €1,-). 
2. Some cute straws (I bought mine at Xenos, for €1,29).
3. A knife with a wide handle.
4. A screwdriver (x2 - you could substitute the second screwdriver with a hammer).

Step 1. Place the screwdriver in the middle of the lid of the jar and use the other screwdriver (or the hammer) to smash the screwdriver through the lid.

Step 2. Use the handle of the knife to make the hole (which you made with the screwdriver) rounder and more even by turning it around.

Step 3. Put the lid back on the jar and place one of those cute straws in it (by putting it through the hole in the lid). 

Step 4. Enjoy your jar! Use it for (green) smoothies, fruit infused water or overnight oats.

Tip: If you can't find a plain jar, use an empty peanutbutter(-or any other spread/food)jar. Removing the labels is really easy: just fill the jar with hot water. The glue which makes the labels stick to the jar will melt and you'll be able to peel them off easily. The glue residues can easily be removed by using a scourer and some soap. 

What's your favorite (green) smoothie recipe?



  1. Heb je dezelfde rietjes gekocht ;). Zo ontzettend leuk idee! Heb ik net vandaag een mason jar gekocht bij Xenos, haha

    1. Ik had ze al een poosje liggen, de jar enzo ook al ik had alleen de foto's nog niet gemaakt, haha. Nou hup, boor een gat in het deksel en maak je supersmoothie. (: