Monday, April 28


Goodmorning everybody. I have had the best night ever. Seriously, haven't had such a wonderful night in ages! And, no, I didn't have a party. Nope, didn't see a movie. My special and amazing night consisted of a lot (and by a lot I mean A LOT) of sleep. I'm not entirely sure about the amount of hours I've been dreaming tonight, but I reckon about 12 hours - which is about double of my normal amount of sleep. So yeah, after such an amazing night, I decided my morning should be at least as amazing. And since I've planned this cool thingy for this week (7 posts, 7 things every posts - for the record, this is post number 1) I thought why not start off with a nice post about a nice morning with nice things that make your nice morning even nicerer (yes, nicerer).

1. Breakfast. This world's got two kinds of people: the kind that isn't able to swallow a single bite of food in the morning, and the kind that NEEDS and LOVES to eat in the morning. I'm the second kind of person: I need food. Every single morning. Skipping my breakfast? Nah. I'd rather be late than hungry. 

2. A good book. Imagine: it's quite early in the morning, a beam of sunlight peeks through your half opened curtains, your hand is wrapped around a warm mug filled with hot chocolate or tea (whatever you like) and in your other hand you're holding a book. You turn page after page and before you know it three hours have passed. Books are perfect for weekend mornings. I like.

3. Music. For anyone who prefers a bit more of a cheery morning (I like both) I'd recommend turning up that volume and jamming along with some of your favorite songs (for my favorite morning songs, click here).

4. Coffee. Along with my beloved breakfast, a cup of coffee (or tea) wouldn't be something I'd complain about. I prefer coffee on sleepy mornings (although it's proven that coffee doesn't have as much impact on people under the age of 20), tea is perfect for relaxed mornings along with a big breakfast and plenty of time. 

5. Bloglovin'. While enjoying my breakfast and listening to my favorite songs (or reading my favorite book), you'll probably find me scroling through my Bloglovin' feed. No morning is complete without catching up on the latest trends or reading about these new vegan lunchrooms (or whatever has been written about by my favorite blogs).

6. Disney. Is there anything left to explain? Watching Disney movies is and has always been my favorite activity ever. But, I mean, who doesn't know and love at least one Disney movie? I was raised with the Aristocats and Dumbo, and believe me there isn't a better way to learn about friendship and love (and English) than seeing a mouse rescue 5 cats and an elephant. Perfect for mornings, too.

7. Comfy clothing. All the above wouldn't even be close to comfortable without them sweatpants and one of my brothers jumpers (or whatever I can find in his closet, as long as it is warm and cosy it's okay, no matter the smell - okay, maybe smell does matter, but not as much as cosiness does).

Try fitting some of my morning essentials into your morning and I'm quite sure you'll love it. Take some time to relax and sit back, waking up in a nice and placid environment could change the rest of your day in a very positive way. Have a good one!